Install a Back Seat Reminder System You Can Count On

Install a Back Seat Reminder System You Can Count On

Don't Forget the Important Things in Quincy, Macon or Keokuk, IL

Do you constantly find yourself forgetting important items in your car? Armadillon Audio will install Ride 'n Remind in your audio head unit. This is a back seat reminder system that reminds you to check your backseats at the end of every trip. If the reminder hasn't been deactivated after 40 seconds, your car's horn will alert you with a loud SOS signal.

You won't need to attach a baby car seat reminder alarm to your keys, because our system is installed directly into your vehicle for a seamless appearance and easy use. Get Ride 'n Remind installed in your vehicle so that you never forget the important items as you travel throughout Quincy, Macon and Keokuk, IL.

Keep the vulnerable safer

Busy schedules and important tasks can make anyone forgetful, which could put others in danger. The Ride 'n Remind Systems helps you keep track of:

  • Children
  • Pets
  • Elderly individuals
  • Personal items

When you get a back seat reminder system installed, you'll never forget anyone or anything again. Call 217-222-9668 to learn more.

Drive with confidence

Drive with confidence

We offer products such as back up cameras and back up sensors to assist you in being able to maneuver your vehicle with peace of mind.

Having a back up camera can provide a view of what is behind you without having to strain to turn around and look over passengers and items in the vehicle. This helps to ensure that you are able to obtain a more accurate view of your surroundings to be able to safely reverse without second guessing yourself.

In addition to back up cameras, back up sensors are a great feature to add that will reduce the risk of hitting something that may be closer than you thought or are unable to see. We are able to install both back up cameras and back up sensors to your vehicle to ensure you are able to drive with ease and confidence.

Make driving your vehicle safer, while also making it easier. Call 217-222-9668 to learn more.