Don't Let Ice & Snow Impair Your Vision

Don't Let Ice & Snow Impair Your Vision

Thermalblade will help when the ice and snow build up and freeze to your wipers while you are driving. No longer will you have to worry about safety when driving in the snow and rain. Install a quality windshield wiper that will not only clear your vision during rainy days, but also when snow and ice are the forecast.

Does it hurt my warranty?

Installing heated windshield wipers does not void any warranty on your car. This is purely an upgrade to enhance the safety of you and your family. Armadillon Audio is here to help you weigh the options and see the benefits in adding heated windshield wipers to your car. If you find yourself having questions, we encourage you to visit us today!

Immediate Benefits to Heated Windshield Wipers:

  • Prevent ice from building on the windshield while driving
  • Avoid a premature windshield wiper motor replacement
  • Spend less time waiting for the windshield to defrost during low temperatures

Can Be Installed on ALL Vehicles