Start your vehicle from the comfort and convenience of your home, work, grocery store, favorite restaurant, or church with a viper remote start from Armadillon Audio in Quincy, IL.

Start your vehicle from the comfort and convenience of your home, work, grocery store, favorite restaurant, or church with a viper remote start from Armadillon Audio in Quincy, IL.

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Are you looking for ways to simplify your life? What if you could start your car from a distance without even having to touch your car door? Visit Armadillon Audio to get a car remote starter installed. We also offer the upgrade of SmartStart remote controls for your car.

With a car remote starter, you can:

  • Heat or cool your vehicle in advance
  • Lock and unlock doors from afar
  • Control your car's horn remotely
  • Turn your car on and off remotely
  • Open sliding doors with the press of a button
  • Control options from your smartphone
  • Get notified about security alerts
  • **Timer mode

**Timer mode can help keep your car's battery alive by starting every 3 hours. Typically this will have your vehicle run for 10 minutes, long enough to keep it charged. Experience ultimate convenience by installing a car remote starter. Contact Armadillon Audio today to schedule a remote start installation appointment based out of Quincy, IL.

Learn more about remote start features

When you choose Armadillon Audio for your remote start installation, you can choose which features and tools you want to add. With different range options, you can remotely start your car from up to a mile away. You'll also enjoy features like:

  • Two-way communication: Get alerts when your car alarm goes off.
  • Security alerts: Get notified when someone hits your vehicle.
  • Vehicle monitoring: Set off an alarm when a door gets opened.

Call now to take control of your vehicle with a remote start installation based out of Quincy, IL.

Did you know if you have a push button start you can still have a remote start? Many are unaware that this benefit is still available to them and works great with this feature.

Remote Starts Do Not Void Warranty

Contrary to popular belief, adding a remote start to your vehicle does not actually void your factory warranty on your car. We understand how scary it can be to think any decision you make could be detrimental to your car’s resale value, for that reason we ensure everything we do complies with the rules and regulations. For more information on how the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act protects you from your warranty being voided from aftermarket equipment click here.


SmartStart is an application for your smartphone that allows you to remote start, unlock/lock, and much more. The app connects to cell towers which means you are able to use it to control your vehicle even if you as far away as another city. Armadillon Audio offers SmartStart as a remote start upgrade to better help your needs.
  • *Low voltage notification
  • Lock/Unlock vehicle
  • Preheat or cool down your car
  • Trunk release
  • Panic feature
  • Aux channels
  • Completely virtual
  • Locate and monitor your vehicles location
  • Notified when your vehicle's alarm system has been triggered
  • Decipher your engine errors with Diagnostic Trouble Code explanations.
  • **Timer Mode

*If you are on vacation do you want to worry about returning to a dead car battery? Don't run the risk! Receive a notification to your phone allowing you to remote start the vehicle to charge the battery while you are gone. The best part? It is totally sharable! SmartStart is perfect for families who have multiple cars and drivers.

Two Way Remote Start

LCD 2 Way Remote Start - Rechargeable Battery

A two-way remote start is exactly what it sounds like, a remote start for your car that your car talks back to. You press the start button on the remote and if the car receives the signal, you will get a visible confirmation on the remote that tells you that your car is executing the demand. The main benefit of two-way starts versus one-way is the peace of mind knowing your vehicle is performing the desired request and its unmatched range of one mile. Imagine you are in a grocery store no where near your car, you can push the remote start and then you have the peace of mind you are going to get into a warm car. Take advantage of low voltage/low temperature auto start to ensure your car stays at safe temperatures. If your vehicle falls below a certain temperature this will make the car start every few hours.

One-Way Remote Start

One Way Remote Start

A one-way remote start will send a signal to your car but, the car will not communicate back to the remote for confirmation like a two way remote start does. You press a button to turn on your vehicle, and as long as you are within the range 500-1500 feet, the car will comply. The main advantage of a one-way remote start is the price, it is the cheaper option for remote starts. Below are some of the models for the remotes that would accompany the remote start.