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Since their introduction nearly 8 years ago, our S-Series coaxial have made a name for themselves with avid music fans the world over. So how do you improve on a winner? As the saying goes, if it isnt’t broke, don’t fix it!

So we focused on a few key points while leaving the rest intact. The result is our new and improved S-Series coaxials.

Without question a fantastic replacement for most OEM speaker applications, the S Series speaker systems continue to offer great performance at a great price.

This range offers a complete line-up specifically sized for OEM drop-in replacement of 2.75", 4", 5.25", 4x10", 6.75" and 6x8".

This year we modified our 2.75" full range speaker to fit many Chrysler and now Ford applications.

A new tweeter was developed for our 3.5" and 4x6" speakers so they now offer “zero protrusion” and can fit virtually any vehicle.

With so many sizes offered in this coaxial range these speakers make an excellent choice for Autosound enthusiasts who seek true value along with easy installation. We invite you to put our S Series to the test and compare them to speakers priced much higher.

Our proprietary 2-layer paper cone features DDC, allowing you to hear smooth and rich bass all the way through the mid-range tones. For the high frequencies, we feature a low profile, pure silk dome tweeters on most models--like the type used in expensive home systems to make sure you get a complete hi-fi experience.


Powerbass 2xl series speakers



Our engineers have raised the bar on great sound with the introduction of the new 2XL range of coaxial speakers.  Completely redesigned for 2013 the 2XL series deliver crystal clear sound quality with deep warm tones. 

The 2XL series also uses the 3-0 system, 3-Ohm impedance for more efficient use of your amplifier's power.
If you need a high quality speaker yet have a vehicle with special mounting requirements, this is the series for you.  Whether you need a 4” or a 6”x8” coaxial, we can fit most needs.  We even offer a 6.5” thin mount speaker where you want all of the bass but do not have much space.  

Our new Emperors’ Silk Dome Tweeter and Non-Woven Wool Paper Cone team up to give you deep, warm and accurate sound that you can listen to for hours without fatigue.  With Butyl Rubber surrounds, you get high efficiency and lower bass response with lower distortion.  
Our redesigned tweeters are using a very high grade Emperors Silk that has been enhanced with Ferrofluid®.  Ferrofluid is a liquid infused with magnetic particles that was developed by NASA—it creates less friction resulting in louder distortion free high frequencies





Overview: Evolution® TR

Unsurpassed value and performance in their price class.

Evolution® TR speaker systems deliver an unmatched listening experience in popular factory sizes, without compromise. Incorporating woofer designs with long-excursion capabilities and 0.5-inch balanced textile dome tweeters, TR coaxial and component systems make upgrading your factory audio to outstanding JL Audio sound easy and simple. Return to Evolution® TR speaker systems.
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